Meet Maura McMahon Zeller

Candidate for Cook County Judge

Maura has been practicing law for over twenty six years and her practice has focused on the representation of children. Upon being sworn in to the bar, she began practicing at the Office of the Cook County Public Guardian representing abused and neglected children managing a case load of over three hundred cases, working on federal civil rights actions on behalf of children abused or killed in foster care and finally, representing children in divorce and parentage cases as a Child’s Representative. After ten years, she continued to represent children in divorce and parentage cases in private practice. She has been appointed in over one hundred and fifty cases, by numerous judges in Cook County. Maura’s experience in litigation as well as in mediation and procuring settlements of highly contested cases has prepared her for the responsibilities of serving the county as a circuit court judge.

In addition to her legal work, Maura has worked to give back to her community. Currently, she serves as the Board Chair and has been a board member since 2014 for Thrive Counseling Center, a community mental health center in Oak Park. Thrive’s mission is to build healthy minds, families and communities by empowering people to attain mental and emotional well-being. Hope, resilience and recovery form the heart of Thrive’s programs and services. Thrive has a long standing partnership with the police and fire departments of Oak Park and River Forest, and provides twenty four hour crisis services to these communities. Recently, Thrive began a Suicide Safe training program.  While Maura’s children were in elementary school, she served as a PTO board member and as a Co-President for two years. After college, Maura spent one year in the Jesuit Volunteer Corps, working with the homeless population of Minneapolis, MN.

In the course of her career as an advocate for the rights and best interests of children and in her community work, Maura has seen families in the midst of perhaps the most stressful and challenging times of their lives. In her experience, judges who treat litigants with compassion and respect, while vigorously upholding their fidelity to the rule of law, serve those litigants, and the citizens of Cook County extremely well. Treating these families with respect actually enhances the court process and makes things run more smoothly. Maura has the legal knowledge, breadth of experience and the disposition to serve as a compassionate and effectual judge in the Circuit Court of Cook County.